“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.” – Antonio Gramsci

Welcome to our website for LA MAS! Currently, we have our foundational Articles, Programme, and Media Platform up on the menu as follows: 1. Mission Statement and 2. Pillars of Unity (Platform). These two articles lay down the framework we are using to advance and support our base-building interventions.

The Los Angeles Movement for Advancing Socialism (LA MAS) is a communist pre-party formation with the objective of building revolutionary power for the colonized proletariat through a coalesced mass base and bubbling united front that can successfully confront reactionary forces and promote socialist transformation in our communities. Only by wielding power of our own (political, economic, social, etc.), can the colonized proletariat finally be liberated from national oppression and capitalist exploitation maintained by settler dominance over material and social relations on stolen land. We aim to cohere the meandering revolutionary currents present in Los Angeles into a consolidated communist base, breathing new life and trajectory into the movement for liberation and socialism.  

The intention of this site is to share our projects with the conscious masses, budding revolutionaries, and students of scientific socialism interested in learning about our collective. The most important publications we want to emphasize are the reports on our theoretical positions and historical-materialist analysis informed by our mass work, base building, campaign struggles, and SICA (Social Investigation and Class Analysis). We will also publish nonfiction, journalist, writings on current events and topics along with creative fictional reflections on an array of experiences along the life struggle.

We are working to develop a political line rooted in Dialectical Materialism that is situated for the regional conditions present in Los Angeles. Through practice and criticism, or in other words, by furthering the class struggle with material advancements and theoretical/strategic contributions, we can develop a dynamic program with a cohesive series of successful tactics and interventions that can achieve concrete victories for the colonized proletariat. Our forthcoming Theory and Strategy (T&S) articles will elaborate on the positions taken in our Mission and Platform as well as sharing theoretical contributions that we are testing through experiments based in material practice and experience. Our findings will be reported here to receive criticism and review from wider Marxist movements and comrades marching alongside us towards a better world.

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